Although SR 9009 is connected to the SAMRs, Stenabolic (SR9009) is actually a Rev-ERBA ligand. Thus, SR binds to the protein, making it more active. As a result, it brings to its user a wide range of positive results, including fat reduction, and a number of other health benefits. 

SR9009 was developed by Scripps Research Institute led by Professor Thomas Burris.

As mentioned above, SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-ERB ligand which is taken orally. It is a unique compound. Stimulation of this protein significantly influences a number of regulatory mechanisms in the human body. It reduces body fat, improves…

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RAD140 (Testolone)

Testolone is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), which is still under development. 

What are SARMs?

They are specifically designed compounds that bind to androgen receptors. They began to be studied in as early as 1940. In general, they have been developed to help reduce obesity, improve bone health and conditions associated with muscle atrophy. Because RAD140 belongs to the SARMs, it has similar effects as ASs, however, without the negative side effects because it acts on the androgenic receptors selectively.

RAD140 is one of the newest SARMs and its aim is to provide the body with mega-doses of…

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SARM or selective androgen receptor modulators are well known to deliver the same results as ASs, but without the negative side effects. Japanese scientists conducted an experiment on a new SARM product called YK11, which is said to be the strongest among all. 

In 2011, Yuichiro Kanno from Toho University published the results of an initial study on YK11 which confirms the uniqueness and rarity of this compound.

YK11 binds to the AR (androgen receptor), but selectively, without the risk of negative side effects such as body hair growth, prostate growth, and increased aggressiveness.

YK11 was tested on muscle cells, not…

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GW 501516 (Cardarine)

Fat is the enemy of all bodybuilders and athletes who pay close attention to good form. It's easy to get fat, but very difficult to get rid of it. Proper diet and exercise will help you achieve a spectacular figure, but the addition of GW 501516 would move your body to a whole new level. 

Advantages of GW 501516

  • It is an endurance supplement number one. Therefore, it is widely used by elite athletes around the world.
  • It gives you a crazy amount of energy so you can train with heavier weights and more intensively, you can simply…
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